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“Ann Koh is a gifted healer.  She has helped me re-find my own inner healing energies many times in various life situations, when I temporarily couldn’t find them on my own and was feeling sick, injured, and or emotionally distressed. She is warm and unconditionally accepting and loving, and creates a safe space to share and disclose about the depths of my emotional and somatic challenges and discomforts.  I highly highly recommend her to you.

I am deeply grateful to Ann for her work with me over the years. I am also grateful that Ann is waiting in the wings the next time I need her assistance healing and restrengthening. I also want you to know that Ann has studied within a lineage of great healers and achieved success and recognition as a student within this lineage.  I feel blessed and fortunate to have Ann as part of my support in life.  Finally, the work Ann does has lasting value, so a few sessions with her often boosts my ability to take over myself for quite a long time once they are over.”

Daniel L., Pleasant Hill


“I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy treatment. The chemotherapy made me extremely ill and was a very harsh process for me. Working with Ann during this time transformed my cancer treatment experience. The acupuncture Ann did with me alleviated my pain and helped me find peace with the process. Her treatment was not only physically soothing, but created a safe place for me to express my thoughts and emotions at each session. The acupuncture was also very helpful when doing chemotherapy, because it directed the chemo medicine into specific areas that needed it most (towards the tumors). There are different phases during the chemotherapy process, and at each phase there was a way that the acupuncture method Ann used supported me. Ann offers a variety of treatments that can correlate with whatever is going on with your body and I highly recommend working with her. Her treatment with me was critical during and after my chemotherapy. The doctors at the hospital said I recovered much faster then other patients they have worked with, and I let them know it was because of the services Ann provided which helped my body restore balance. I have been in remission from cancer for over 5 years now.”

Galen S., Oakland