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The journey from disease to healing involves the uncovering of and working with what caused the illness and what blocks the path to healing. For some of us, it may be our lifestyle or diet, it may be an attitude that creates this lifestyle. For others, it may be an emotional block, an unresolved shock or trauma, an old injury long forgotten. Or it may be a bug, environmental toxins or an old, latent illness. I will work with you to uncover the causes and blocks and address these in addition to the symptoms. Treatment of the both the root and the symptoms then becomes the key to healing.

My ultimate intention is that our sessions will awaken the consciousness in you, all the way to the cellular level, of your body’s own innate intelligence to heal. Its original blueprint of health and well-being, its natural tendency toward balance and wholeness and its tremendous will and passion to live and be alive.

This intrinsic intelligent essence, energy and spirit is Qi – the essence of life.  When Qi moves throughout the pathways of the meridians, then we have the essence of life flowing through every part of our bodies. This is the consciousness that brings about healing.